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GARANTIVILKÅR for Kawai Digitalpiano


Keyboard RM3 Grand II;	88 wooden keys with IvoryTouch key surface,key action with 
			3-sensor system and Let-Off simulation
Jacks 			3 Pedals,MIDI (IN/OUT)USB to HOST AC adapter(DC IN 12V)
Internal Memory		5 configurations can be saved inside the instrument.
			(Presets: 1. Normal, 2. Ivory II, 3. Pianoteq, 4. Galaxy Vintage D, 5. Alicia's Keys)
Editor Software		graphical interface, unlimited number of TouchCurves with unlimited points each,
			Touch Learn function Velocity OffSet for every key, MIDI/USB Routing,MIDI Send channel, 
			free pedal assignment
Power supply		via USB bus or DC12V AC adapter
Power consump.Via USB	1,0W with Ac adapter3,0W
Size in cm (B x T x H)	138 x 42,5 x 18,5
Weight in kg		29,5
Accessories		F-30 pedal unit with half-damper function, music rack, AC adapter, manual

Case som passer til Kawai VPC 1

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