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GARANTIVILKÅR for Kawai Digitalpiano

Improved Responsive Hammer Compact keyboard action
- SK-EX and EX concert grand piano sounds, 88-key sampling
- 25 sounds, Dual & Split playing modes, 100 drum rhythms
- Dual headphone connectors, dedicated stereo Line Out jacks
- Integrated Bluetooth® MIDI and Audio wireless technology
- Support for PianoRemote control app for iOS/Android
- Stylish appearance, sturdy chassis weighing just 12.5 kg
- Designer stand and triple pedal board accessories available

At home, on stage, your music
The Kawai ES Series has been designed to deliver the finest playing experience possible within a 
portable piano.  These stylish instruments are ideally suited to musicians seeking a piano that 
provides an authentic keyboard action and a selection of inspiring sounds, yet can still be moved 
easily, or placed on an attractive furniture stand without occupying too much space.

The latest ES Series models are also an excellent choice for gigging musicians, academic institutions, 
and places of worship, thanks to their lightweight body, powerful speaker systems, and great 
audio connectivity.  And with a slew of customisable settings, Bluetooth MIDI and audio, and 
engaging apps, the ES Series instruments  are also extremely personal pianos, that players of 
all ages and abilities can take pride in owning.

The Touch of a Grand Piano: Responsive Hammer Compact keyboard action
The ES120’s Responsive Hammer Compact keyboard action has been specially developed to allow portable 
instruments to reproduce the distinctive touch of an acoustic grand piano.  Based on the highly-regarded 
RH action design, its spring-less technology and sturdy construction delivers consistent upward and downward 
motion, while improved cushioning material helps to reduce keyboard noise, resulting in a smooth, natural, 
and highly authentic piano playing experience.

The Variety of a Digital Piano: Convenience & Flexibility
The impressive ES120 offers a variety of features to complement its authentic keyboard touch and rich grand 
piano sounds.  The adjustable metronome and song recorder are invaluable tools for aspiring pianists wishing 
to improve the technique, while additional instrument voices, Dual and Split playing modes, and 100 drum 
rhythms allow players of all levels to indulge their creative spirit.

Live players will appreciate Registration memories and dedicated Line Out jacks for sound reinforcement, 
while integrated Bluetooth® MIDI and Audio, and a standard USB-MIDI port provide flexibility for connecting 
to smart devices and computers – either with, or without cables.

Integrated Bluetooth® connectivity
In addition to a standard USB-MIDI port for connecting to computers, the ES120 also features integrated 
Bluetooth® MIDI and Audio technologies that allow the instrument to communicate with supported smart 
devices wirelessly.

Once paired with a phone, tablet, or laptop, ES120 owners can enjoy a wide variety of exciting music-
related apps that enhance their learning and playing experience, or stream audio from songs and videos 
directly through the instrument’s impressive speaker system without the need to connect 
additional cables.

PianoRemote app
The ES120 is compatible with Kawai’s latest PianoRemote control app for iOS and supported Android devices. 
This app connects to the piano wirelessly via the instrument’s integrated Bluetooth feature, providing an 
effortless way to change sounds or adjust settings from an attractive user interface.

Great for gigging
Lightweight and compact, the ES120 is ideal for gigging musicians looking for a portable piano with authentic 
touch and high quality sounds.

Registration memories provide a quick and easy way to recall adjusted sounds and settings, while the dedicated 
stereo Line Out jacks allow direct connection to mixers and PAs, with the ability to also leave the 
instrument's built-in speakers enabled for use as local monitors