Alpine Clean 25ml

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Produktnr. 91400
Alpine Clean is a handy disinfectant cleaning spray. You can use it to clean ear protection products, such as 
earplugs and ear muffs. Most bacteria and viruses are killed within a few minutes after spraying the ear 
protection product with Alpine Clean. The spray disinfects thoroughly, easily and quickly. The liquid does not 
leave any residue, is not sticky and dries quickly. Alpine Clean comes in a smart aluminium aerosol.

Your earplugs will last longer 
Cleaning earplugs thoroughly and regularly extends their lifespan. Alpine Clean is suitable for universal 
products as well as customised earplugs. Alpine Clean is also an excellent hand sanitiser.

Color	Silver
Package Measurements	1.09 x 5.15 x 0.08 cm
Size	25ml
Weight	37.9 gram