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ENBAO EU-88 m/Bodypack

EU 88 User manual

Unique one-piece receiver aluminum alloy shell , fashion and elegant .
Brushed metal body technology , firm and durable
Full color LCD display , showing the excellent visual effect .
Intelligent spectrum analysis, infrared automatic pilot frequency, advanced function.
Antenna diversity technology, 360°adjust antenna, overcome break frequency effectively 
and make the signal transfer more stable.

Wireless microphone

EU88 receiver
Frequency range: 823-832 MHz (støttet I Norge)
Frequency Oscillation Mode: PLL module locked loop design
Channels: 100 CH
Frequency Response: 20Hz" 18KHz
Working Distance: 50m
Frequency Space: 25KHz
Band Width: 30MHz
Carrier Wave Stability: -+ 5PPm<10KHz
Image Interference Ratio: >70dB
S/N Ratio: <105dB(1KHz-A)

UHF Transmitter
Carrier Wave Frequency Range: 823-832MHz
Band Width: 70MHz
Frequency Space: 25KHz
Dynamic Range: <110dB
Stability: +-0,005%
Frequency Deviation:+-48KHz
Spurious Emissions: <-60dBc
Radio Frequency Output Power: 30mW
Power Consumed: <120mA @3V