Rotosound (RS88LD) BLACK NYLON FLATWOUND 65 75 100 115

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Tru Bass 88 Nylon Tapewound Long Scale - Standard Gauge 65-115

Specifically designed and patented in 1962 to emulate the mellow sound of an upright bass 
using flatwound black nylon ribbon, our Tru Bass strings have been embraced by players of all styles.
Originally conceived by James How to be fitted to the Burns Black Bison bass, Tru Bass strings may be 
the nearest you will ever get to a double bass tone from an electric bass.

Transformative strings
Most famously used by Sir Paul McCartney on the Beatles’ Abbey Road, Tru Bass strings have been 
utilised by jazz, fusion, dub, and reggae players.
The distinctive black wrap and yellow silk ends of these strings have been spotted on basses 
belonging to icons such as Bruce Foxton, Graham Maby, and Herbie Flowers.

Tru double bass tone
The magnetic stainless steel undercovers that sit below the special black nylon tape ensures 
the best of both worlds by having a bass that is comfortable to handle, that will work with a 
conventional amplifier and yet offers a sound so reminiscent of its much larger brother.
String up a fretless electric bass with Tru Bass strings for a double bass like tone that will
turn heads!

Great British quality
Manufactured in the UK to precise tolerances and using only the finest materials, you can rely 
on Rotosound strings for consistent tone and performance in every packet.
Every Tru Bass 88 string is still manufactured the ‘old fashioned way’ by hand on machines that 
James How built at the end of the 1960’s.

Gauge: 65 75 100 115
Construction: Tapewound
Wrap material: Black nylon
Tone: Deep Warm
Output: Medium