Rotosound (NXBL130) Low B Single 130

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Nexus Bass Polymer Coated Single String .130

Nexus strings are designed to resist moisture and build-up than can quickly 
cause strings to lose their attack and clarity. Bespoke pre-coated wire and 
platinum plated plain strings maintain their natural tone and feel allowing y
our guitar to feel freshly strung every time you pick it up.

Long lasting tone
Take the world’s most famous maker of electric bass strings, look for a high energy 
rich in mid-tones alternative to steels with high presence, add a silky smooth black 
polymer dressing over a Type 52 wrap and you have Nexus Bass – the string with extra 
life to suit the player for all seasons.

No compromises
Rather than coating the string after it’s wound, as many companies do, Nexus strings 
are wrapped using a bespoke pre-coated wire. This maintains more of the natural tone 
of an uncoated string without compromising on feel.

Great British quality
Manufactured in the UK to precise tolerances and using only the finest materials, you can 
rely on Rotosound strings for consistent tone and performance in every packet.

Gauge: 130
Construction: Roundwound
Wrap material: Coated Type 52 Alloy
Tone: Balanced
Output: High