Rotosound (NXA11) Coated Phosphor Bronze 11 15 22 30 42 52

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Produktnr. 680111
Nexus Acoustic Coated Light 11-52

The result of many requests from Rotosound players for a coated string.
The windings use the 92/8 phosphor bronze of our Jumbo King strings but with 
a clear polymer coating that allows for a more subtle tone, longer string life, 
subdued finger noise and highly resistant to perspiration from the players hands.
The unwound strings are made from a special ‘platinum’ plated piano wire.

Long lasting tone
Nexus strings are designed to resist moisture and build-up than can quickly cause 
strings to lose their attack and clarity. Bespoke pre-coated wire and platinum plated 
plain strings maintain their natural tone and feel allowing your guitar to feel freshly 
strung every time you pick it up."

No compromises
Rather than coating the string after it’s wound, as many companies do, Nexus strings are 
wrapped using a bespoke pre-coated wire. This maintains more of the natural tone of an 
uncoated string without compromising on feel."

British quality
Manufactured in the UK to precise tolerances and using only the finest materials, 
you can rely on Rotosound acoustic strings for consistent tone and performance 
in every packet.

Gauge: 11 15 22w 30w 42w 52w
Construction: Roundwound
Wrap material: 80/20 Bronze
Tone: Balanced Superb sustain
Output: Medium