Rotosound (TB10) 80/20 BRONZE 10 14 20 28 40 50

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Produktnr. 680107
Tru Bronze Acoustic Extra Light 10-50

Comprising 80/20 brass wire covers, these strings offer the resonant advantages 
of this material coupled with considerable clarity and tone. 
An alternative to the 92/8 bronze Jumbo King series, crystal clear resonance would 
describe this string's character very well."

Beyond the bronze age
One of the earliest copper based materials used for acoustic strings was the 80/20 
brass series from around the 1940s. It is commonly referred to as “yellow bronze”.
Comprised of 80% copper and 20% zinc, it offers a zingy bright top end with strong bass 
frequencies and a scooped mid-range."

British quality
Manufactured in the UK to precise tolerances and using only the finest materials, 
you can rely on Rotosound acoustic strings for consistent tone and performance 
in every packet.

Gauge: 10 14 20w 28w 40w 50w
Construction: Roundwound
Wrap material: 80/20 Bronze
Tone: Bright Superb sustain
Output: Medium