Rotosound AC (JK10) PHOSPHOR BRONZE 10 14 20 28 40 50

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Produktnr. 680075

Jumbo King Acoustic Extra light 10-50

These best selling acoustic guitar string are known for their superb tone, 
clarity, and sustain.
Wound with a 92/8 bronze alloy made especially for Rotosound's exacting 
specifications in the UK."

A string for everyone
Rotosound offer a wide selection of gauges in their Jumbo King range to suit 
players and instruments of all styles.

British quality
Manufactured in the UK to precise tolerances and using only the finest materials, 
you can rely on Rotosound acoustic strings for consistent tone and performance 
in every packet.

Gauge: 10 14 20w 28w 40w 50w
Construction: Roundwound
Wrap material:Phosphor Bronze
Tone: Balanced
Output: Medium