Rotosound (BS11) STAINLESS STEEL 11 14 18 28 38 48

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British Steels Regular 11-48

The quintessential sound of British guitar – Rotosound’s early electric guitar strings 
which were the choice of music legends.
This range originates from the sixties and offers a distinctly bright tone with increased 
presence over its nickel-plated counterparts. As British Steels are nickel free, 
they’re aptly suited to players with a nickel allergy.

The British sound
In the early days of rock and pop, stainless steel strings were the sets of choice with top 
players. Rotosound supplied stainless steel strings to the best players of the sixties and s
eventies such as Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Syd Barrett, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne and Brian May.

Unmistakable tone
With such high iron content in their ferritic stainless steel covers, British Steels offer a 
clear and bright sound that still packs a punch. Serious twang is at hand with cleaner amp 
settings but turn up the overdrive to unleash unmistakable upper harmonics and presence unique 
to steel strings."

Great British quality
Manufactured in the UK to precise tolerances and using only the finest materials, you can rely 
on Rotosound British Steels for consistent tone and performance in every packet.
Every British Steel string is manufactured on custom built machines designed and built in the UK 
by Jason How."

Nickel plated steel electric guitar strings.
Balanced tone.
Smooth feel.
Made in Britain	Factory-fresh foil packaging.

Gauge: 11 14 18 28w 38w 48w
Construction: Roundwound
Wrap material: Stainless steel
Tone: Bright
Output: Medium