Rotosound (R12) NICKEL MEDIUM HEAVY 12 16 24 32 42 52

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Roto Purples Medium Heavy Wound 3rd 12-56
Rotosound's best-selling electric guitar strings. The combination of silky nickel 
wrap and powerful steel core make our Rotos a great all-rounder for 
any playing style or genre.

For the players
Loved by players worldwide, Rotos have been the choice of artists such as Oasis, 
The Darkness, Guthrie Govan, Franz Ferdinand, Temples, and many more…"

A string for everyone
Always offering value alongside quality, this Roto set comes with an extra 1st string 
to keep your set going even longer!"

Great British quality
Manufactured in the UK to precise tolerances and using only the finest materials, 
you can rely on Rotosound strings for consistent tone and performance in every packet.
Industry standard electric guitar strings.
Nickel plated steel electric guitar strings.
Balanced tone.
Smooth feel.
Made in Britain	Factory-fresh foil packaging.

Gauge: 12 16 24w 32w 42w 52w
Construction: Roundwound
Wrap material: Nickel Coated Steel
Tone: Balanced
Output: Medium