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The WM700 wireless microphone system is a PLL controlled UHF variable frequency 
device, which provides reliable and high quality signal transmission, thanks 
also to the Digital Tone Pilot.

The WM700 wireless microphone system offers 5 different combinations with single 
channel receiver, dual channel receiver, handheld transmitter and bodypack transmitter 
with headset microphone.

The system is available in 2 different bands with groups of 16 or 32 pre-set frequencies 
to be used also simultaneously.

Each configuration includes an ABS case.

PLL –16 CH Selectable frequency Dual Channel wireless microphone system 
32 Khz Digital Tone Pilot 
New durable Painting Finishing 
Universal USB Power Adapter 
512 – 562 Mhz (WM700HA) frequency range 
30 meter/ 100 feet range 
50 Hz -15 KHz frequency response 
105 dB signal/ noise ratio 
Cardioid dynamic capsule 
Condenser headset with cardioid capsule and Lavalier
Up to 4 frequency usable in the same location 
ABS carrying and storage case