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EIKON is a series of nearfield studio monitors designed by PROEL R&D team in order to provide to your 
music the most honest and accurate reference possible.
From the carefully selected transducers to the proprietary enhanced waveguides and to the low-resonance 
cabinet design, everything has been tailored with hours of listening in order to offer the best accuracy 
over the whole audio spectrum. 
The perfectly optimized electronics, including high-headroom separate Class AB amplifiers for high and 
low section, high-precision crossover networks and separate LIMITER circuits, provide maximum resolution 
and minimum listening fatigue.
The lineup includes three models, featuring 5.25”, 6” and 8” woofers, and a 10” subwoofer, offering the 
ideal nearfield monitor solution for any kind of music production applications: recording studios, home 
and project studios, broadcast studios, post-production facilities, mobile production vehicles, home 
theater, multimedia installations.

- Active vented sub-woofer
- Long-excursion 10” woofer with PP cone featuring very extended response
- Precisely calculated front tuning port for greater low-frequency extension
- Stereo balanced inputs, outputs and link connectors for MONO and STEREO operation
- Optimized crossover design with HI-CUT and LO-CUT frequency control
- High-headroom Class AB 150W amplifier with accurate CLIP LIMITER
- SPL MAX 110 dB
- Frequency response 40 Hz - 150 Hz

System type			Vented sub-woofer
Low Frequency Device		10” woofer with PP cone
LF Amplifier Continuous Power	150W Class AB
Processing			Analog
Frequency Response		40 Hz - 150 Hz
Max SPL	110 dB
Connectors			1/4” JACK, XLR-F (stereo INPUT), XLR-M (stereo OUTPUT), XLR-M (LINK) 
Controls			LEVEL, HI-CUT & LO-CUT frequency selector, PHASE
Construction			Vinyl laminated MDF cabinet with MDF front
Cabinet Colour			Black
Power Supply			230 VAC or 120 VAC 50/60 Hz with LINE VOLTAGE selector
Dimensions 			(W x H x D)	330 x 365 x 365 mm
Weight				15.3 kg