SHUBB GS1, GS spille-stål

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SHUBB GS1, GS Spillestål

A unique concept in guitar steels!

The handle is crafted of fine hardwood for comfort and control
The playing surface is machined of stainless steel for clear tone and durability.
-The contoured top allows your hand to be in a relaxed, natural position.
-The stainless steel edge is designed for clean pulloffs.
-The wood grain provides a good grip for best control.
-The hardwood handle is weighted for proper balance.

Besides its innovative use of materials, the sculpted top allows the hand to grip the bar in 
an amazingly comfortable and natural position. From its edge, designed to deliver the clean 
pull-offs today’s players love, to the weighted, counterbalanced hardwood handle, this bar 
designed by Gary Swallows is the most advanced guitar steel on the market.