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The Atlantic Chorus by Carl Martin, is not just another chorus pedal.  Yes it can be powered 
by a regulated 9V power supply; yes it has the solid diecast housing with the cool off-white 
knobs and the cool CM graphics; yes it has that great CM quality bypass switching, and 
the LED’s to indicate operation; and yes when you plug into this pedal, you will get a chorus effect…..
but….there is so much more!  
Carl spent a year researching and developing this pedal for the vintage guitar nut in all of us. 
Plug into the Atlantic Chorus, step on the Bypass switch to turn the effect on, adjust the 
speed and depth knobs to obtain your favourite chorus effect and then bring up the level 
to show off just how good you sound.  You will be amazed at how this pedal takes you back 
to the ‘day’ with its full, round, vintage chorus sound.  Now hang on to your hat by adjusting 
the Rate knob clockwise you change your sound from Chorus to Vibrato with the full Vibrato 
effect achieved with the Rate and Depth knobs turned completely clockwise. (The Speed Depth 
and Level knobs are universal for both Chorus and Vibrato.)   You will notice a distinct drop in 
your highs, but Carl says this is intentional….it will keep your sound warmer and rounder, plus, 
when you use this effect with Distortion/Overdrives it won’t fizz out or die, you will just get 
that massive overdriven chorus/vibrato effect that you always dreamed of.

Input: 1M Ohm
Output: 100 Ohm
S/N Ratio: 52 dB
Dimensions: 60 (W) x 115 (D) x 50 (H) mm
Weight: 340g