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Produktnr. 479049
MSC/001 is the multifunction table stand with clamp developed by Quik Lok to achieve great adjustment 
versatility in a smallest possible size.
The top plate 25 cm wide and 29 cm deep allows you to use this support to obtain the positioning of 
your nearfield monitors at the optimal height and angle that best suits your listening needs; the front 
part has a 1 cm flange that, in case of angle of the top, does not allow the equipment to slip thanks 
to the convenient adhesive strips in 23 cm x 6 cm rubber supplied.

At the same time, the MSC  001 is also great to use devices such as mixers, tablets or small midi controllers.

The base is equipped with a clamp that can be anchored on tabletops up to 4.5 cm thick.

The upper plate is equipped at the base with a joint capable of allowing angles from 0 ° to 90 ° in order 
to obtain the right directionality of the monitors when raised, or the correct angle of mixer or MIDI 
controller for easy use.

MSC001 is adjustable in height by loosening the screw with the characteristic "Q" of Quik Lok, placing 
the locking pin in one of the five holes on the tubular linked with the clamp and finally tightening the knob. 
Through this procedure different heights can be obtained: from a minimum of 28,5 cm from the top up to a 
maximum of 36,5 cm, with increments of 2 cm for intermediate positions (28.5, 30.5, 32.5, 34.5 cm).

Material: Steel
Finish: Satin black
Maximum vise opening: 4.5 cm
Top shelf size: 25 cm x 29 cm
Height: 28,5,30,5,32,5,34,5 cm
Angle: 0°/90°