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TST/001 is the tablets and smartphones stand developed by Quik Lok that provides multiple adjustment 
Due to the growing need to use tablets and smartphones for our most important tasks, it sometimes becomes 
difficult to hold them in our hands when we are busy maybe working on our workstation. TST001 helps to 
support your device and allows you to continue your work while preserving it from unexpected slips and 
falls.  In addition, it is essential to obtain a right adjustment of the shooting point in case of video 
call or live streaming.

Great stability is guaranteed by the wide circular base of 6 cm and the weight of 1.1 kg. Two adjustable 
arms allow you to reach a maximum height of 40 cm and the joint at the base of the holder through an 
articulated screw mechanism allows a comfortable adjustment of the angle. The stand permit to accommodate 
devices with a minimum width of 13 cm and a maximum of 21.5 cm thanks to the hidden spring mechanism.



height: 40 cm
Base thickness: 0.5 cm
Base width: 16 cm
Weight: 1.1 kg
Smartphone/tablet stand width (min/max): 13 cm / 21.5 cm