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WKS/001 is the compact workstation developed by Quik Lok to ensure maximum versatility and compactness 
in your work environment.
The choice of a home recording desk has a huge impact on the atmosphere and workflow in your studio space.
During the composition, recording, mixing, mastering or editing in post, choosing the right workstation 
for your room will allow you to always have at hand the most indispensable and most used equipment 
completing the professional aspect of your creative space.

Based on the classic Z-shaped basic structure that over the years has distinguished most of the Quik Lok 
keyboard supports, the WKS/001 desk is equipped with a large worktop 72 cm high from the ground, 2.5 cm 
thick, 120 cm wide and 60 cm deep that allows the housing of the most common MIDI controllers and master 
keyboards on the market.

The coating of the worktop has a black finish with carbon effect that gives a modern and high-tech look 
ensuring a high degree of protection from scratches and abrasions; on the two rear sides two closeable 
plastic holes to hide cables on the shelf allow you to get a clean and functional look. To complete the 
structure a comfortable headphone holder and a drink holder integrated into the desk.

Quik Lok has designed this workstation as the ideal combination with its accessories equipped with clamps 
such as, for example, the broadcast boom arms (A/25 and A/26), the LPH/009 multifunction stand, the MSC/001 
and MST/001 speaker stands and the VSC/001 desk mount monitor arm.


Height from floor: 72 cm
Shelf thickness: 2.5 cm
Shelf width: 120 cm
Shelf depth: 60 cm
Base width: 94 cm
Base depth: 54 cm
Integrated accessories: headphone holder; beverage holder; closeable plastic holes to hide cables on 
the shelf