QL Z 727 HYLLE WS 650/550

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QL Z 727 hylle WS 650/550

Fully adjustable Add-On Second Tier.

Tilt, height, depth and width adjustable second tier add-on for use 
with Z/716 and Z/716L stands, but also suitable for the Z/70 and WS/550 
(requires Z/720 or Z/720L accessory bars). 
Can be used together with the Z/714, Z/729, Z/733 or Z/730 options 
only on the Z/716L stand.

Tier depth:	30.5 cm 
Height positions (4):	23.5 to 31 cm 
Tier angles:	90°, 80°, 70°, 60°
Weight capacity:	33.8 kg 
Weight:	3 kg 
Color:	Black