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QL T 20

Quik-LokÕs ÒT-reXÓ series line of ÒXÓ styled stands offers more value to keyboard players than any other ÒXÓ stand line. At the heart of all ÒT-reXÓ stands is the DINO-BITE locking disc. Adjustments are made easily by simply loosening the center knob, moving to any one of the 9 usable, non-slip height adjustment positions, and then re-tighten. T/10 is a full sized, double-brace, single-tier ÒXÓ stand for keyboard, also perfect for small audio console. All T-reX stands are solidly constructed with high-grade steel and computer welded joints for consistent high-quality and years of reliability. Rotating levelling foot and rest pad compensate for uneven floors and instruments. A complete line of options and accessories allows the user to customize any stand to fit their needs. Technical Specifications Leg depth: 50.3 cm Tier depth: 35.7 cm Folded height: 98 cm Brace tube size: 20 mm x 15 mm (x2) Tier tube size: 28 mm Weight capacity: 81 kg Weight: 3,8 kg Options: QL/662, QLX/1, QLX/3, QLX/4, QLX/5, LPH/X