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LR Baggs Violin

Our Violin Pickup is a miniature vibration sensor cast directly into a Superieur 
Despiau “Two Tree” maple bridge for maximum sensitivity and signal transfer. 
As an integral part of the bridge, it effortlessly captures the instrument’s 
inherent dynamics. Furthermore, its selective admittance pattern is aligned 
so that the signal is generated as the bridge moves in a left-right motion 
(in response to the string vibrations). The pickup also rejects any impulse 
directed to the plane of the bridge- minimizing annoying finger squeaks, 
body noise and feedback. It is the pickup of choice for top pros like 
Mark O’Connor, Darol Anger, Jean-Luc Ponty and Sara Watkins. 
An external preamp is recommended.

Superieur Despiau “Two Tree” maple bridge
Even string-to-string balance
Highly feedback-resistant
External jack mount or Non-terminated