LR BAGGS iBeam-C passive

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Acoustic Guitar Bridge plate Pickup Like the B-Band AST and the K&K Pure Mini, the LR Baggs 
I-Beam is a soundboard pickup that adheres to the inside of your guitar, on the bridgeplate 
between your soundhole and bridge pins. In doing so, it produces a remarkably natural tone by 
picking up the vibrations of the soundboard (rather than the vibration of the strings, as with 
undersaddle pickups). The I-Beam is responsive enough that it will even pick up percussive effects 
and fingersqueak. Included with each I-Beam is a placement jig that makes the pickup totally 
self-installable (provided you have the hole for the endpin jack in place). I-Beams are 
shipped with extra adhesive strips on request in case you need to experiment with placement.

The Baggs I-Beam pickup is available in two versions, one for regular steel-string guitar 
and one for classical guitar. They are essentially identical, but the classical version h
as a little arch cut into the middle of the pickup so it can straddle the center fan brace.