HOHNER C-Soprano B9531, pearwood, 2 parts, german, p

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Hohner C-Soprano, B9531, Pearwood 2

C-Soprano is designed with a plastic body and pearwood head joint. It comes with 
Single Hole German Fingering and is suited to beginners and intermediate players alike. 
This C-Descant recorder comes with an ergonomically mouthpiece to allow lipping 
to be easier to master.  

Tuning: soprano
Tuning: C
Body Material: Pear Tree
Mouth Piece Material: Wood
Fingering: German
Corpus: Pearwood
Head-joint: Pearwood
Construction: Two part
Packing plastic hardcase 
Cork grease 
Cotton Cloth 
Weight (kg): 0.47
incl. Case / Bag: Y