HOHNER 9445/37 Airboard 37 melodica

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Hohner 9445/37 Airboard 37

The Indie Pop Icon
The new darling of the Indie Pop scene: the Airboard! A stylish Aztec pattern 
meets the typical HOHNER melodica sound, with a sturdy, airtight construction 
and our newly designed ergonomic mouthpiece.
Enjoy the virtues of the melodica adjusted to a new generation of musicians: 
a great sound and great looks make the Airboard a favorite of bands like 
the Indie Pop sensation Walk off the Earth. Whether you’re an advanced player 
or a professional, with the Airboard you’ll make the right choice, with 32 
or 37 keys.

New mouthpiece
A newly designed, ergonomic mouthpiece increases the comfort and playability

Tonal range *: 	F3 - C6
Length: 	42 cm / 16.5”
Weight: 	590 g
Color: 		pattern
Packing: 	padded bag with carry strap 
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