HOHNER Harmonica Instant Workshop Toolkit

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Hohner Instant Workshop toolkit

The Harmonica Service Set contains everything you need for basic harmonica maintenance. 
In combination with our online tutorials, this small assortment of high quality tools 
for tuning, reed adjustment and valve replacement is also suitable for players taking 
their first steps in harmonica maintenance. The Instant Workshop Toolkit is an extended 
version of the basic set, featuring specialized tools for reed replacement. 
Recommended for experienced harmonica technicians only.

    1 combination de-riveting tool  
    1 reamer 1.4 - 1 universal holder
    1 drill bit - 1 tap 1.4
    1 screwdriver
    1 star nut spanner
    50 nuts 1.4
    50 stud bolts 1.4
    2 manuals
    1 DVD