DV NEO Speaker GOLD 16

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DV NEO Speaker GOLD 16

Marco De Virgiliis has ever believed in neodymium speakers technology. This obstinate choice not only 
let him put on the market extremely light amplifiers, but all his investments on R&D brought today many 
different sound options using this material and design, allowing high wattages never reached before. 
Now the DV Mark cabinet lineup grew up dramatically, offering four different speaker choices. All these 
speakers are also available as a spare part to let the customers upgrade any 12” speaker equipped 
cabinet on the market, covering any genre needs, from Jazz to Metal. 

It’s been designed to serve all Hard Rock and Metal players, but this 12” speaker is actually great for 
many other genres where you need to emphasize overtones, glorifying bass and mid frequencies to 
get a solid tone with a great headroom and dynamic. It also delivers an unmatched power compared 
to similar speakers on the market.

Power handling: 150 Watts RMS
 Impedance: 16 O 

Weight: 1.5 Kg