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If you're here, you must be a drum lover! Still worried about: Not having the proper 
tools to increase your skills ? 
Disturbing your neighbors? Not enough space for an acoustic drum?

No problem ! These issues are easy to overcome with DM-210 . Nothing can stop you 
now from becoming a great drummer! 
NUX digital drum's new blood - DM-210 is coming to the rescue ! 
Let's take a closer look

Perfect drumming experience
DM-210 is a new entry-level drum set, but it is equipped with all mesh drum pads.
You can easily customize the perfect feeling for your style by adjusting the tightness 
of the mesh heads.

Independent kick drum
The independent kick-drum is specially designed for DM-210, and gives you a realistic 
drumming experience.

You can place it anywhere you want
This drum set doesn't need much space - just 1.5 square meters ! That's it ! Place it 
anywhere you want. You can practice in your room and then move it to the living room 
for the big performance.You can easily move it outdoors for backyard parties. It's 
unbelievably lightweight so just about anyone can move it with ease.

Diverse sound library
Monday with metal, Tuesday with rock, Wednesday play some funk, Thursday practice the pop. 
Blues for Friday, and jazz for your weekend. 
No matter what you play, what music style you love, DM-210 can fulfill your music needs.
The NUX Team designed the new sound library specifically for DM-210 users.

Coach, Recording and Songs
As a beginner on drums, you may feel confused about what you need to practice. No worries. 
DM-210 has the coach function that can help you train your basic drumming skills. Start your 
paradiddle life!If you get bored of practicing basic skills, and want some jamming music, just 
click the Song button and play the drums with demo songs we prepared for you. You can also use 
the aux-in interface or bluetooth to pay your own tracks.Wanna check how good you are? 
ust click the REC button to record your beats.

- 8'' Snare x1, 8'' Tom x3, 10'' Hi-hat x1, 10'' Crash x1, 10'' Ride x1, Kick x1, Hi-hat Control x1, 
Kick Pedal x1, DM-210 Module x1
- Metronome, Coach, Reverb, REC, Songs, Bluetooth
- MIDI Data through USB Port
- Headphone, DC-9V, L/MONO R Output , Aux In, USB, Cymbal Trigger In
- All Mesh Drum Heads