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NUX Bumblebee Pedalboard NPB-L

Bumblebee Manageable Pedalboard

NPB-L (Large size): 243(L)x 445(W)x 90(H)mm
8 platform bars
Weight: 2,30 kg
Weight w/bag: 3,60 kg

Create Your Own Pedalboard
Designed with the experience of crafting pedals for more than 10 years. NUX Bumblebee offers you the optimum 
board space. Allowing you to customize your very own pedalboard in the most efficient way. You can assemble 
the platforms in order the way you like.

Solid, Durable and Light-weight
NUX Bumblebee is made by anodized aluminum material; which is "solid as a rock, light as a pillow". 
The bottom of the platforms are carved and well-supported, and gives you some space to cover your cables 
without losing any strength. And the side parts are strongly holds all the parts together, it can absorb the 
shock when you hit your pedal footswitch.

Organize Everything
There are cable organizers in the box. You can attach to below any platform and it can hold the cables. 
Easy to organize all the cables and it helps you to save your time when you want to replace or re-organize 
your pedals. 

There are 2 ways to use the cable organizers; you can use the clips and attach the cables, and you can use 
it as a holder and cables can cross inside the organizers.

Handle With Care
NUX Bumblebee pedalboard have 2 models; Bumblebee L and Bumblebee M. You can choose depending 
on how many pedals you want to mount on it. 

And, it comes with a light-weight carrying bag made from water repellent material.
The pedalboard bag is water-resistant, it could protect your pedals in some humid areas even small rain.. 
For the NPB-L front bag, you could even put a 15" macbook pro into it.

Smart Design
If you are using any control pedal (like MIDI controller or NUX Cerberus), you can design the platform layers 
with enough space to switch the cables easily. You can put your power supply between the layers, it's very 

A Versatile Hand Carry Bag Solution For The Travelling Musicians
Both of the Bumblebee pedalboards (NPB-M and NPB-L) can fit in a 22-inch luggage, which is allowed 
to take as a hand carry bag during the flight. But please keep in mind that, airline companies may ask 
you to give your hand carry bag to the cargo unit if there is not enough space in the plane. 
This is a 22-inch luggage and Bumblebee NPB-L pedalboard with full of pedals, still there is a lot of space
for accessories, cables or any other stuff etc.

Included Accessories; Bag strap, Dual lock Hook&Loop Cable Organizer