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Monel flatwound Jazz Guitar Strings 12-52

Still the favourite for players of jazz, fusion, blues, and soul alike.
The smooth feel from Monel tape offers reduced finger noise yet still allows 
for an element of upper harmonics for a powerful and punchy tone.

Flat out success
We’ve been making Monel tapewound strings since the 1950s with artists such as 
Ike Isaacs and Terry Smith endorsing our flatwound strings.
The legacy continues with current jazz players such as Tom Ford switching on to 
the rich tones of Top Tapes.

Mighty Monel
Monel is an alloy of nickel and copper and brings to our strings the benefit of a 
strong tone and resistance to corrosion.
The build spec remains a close kept secret but the Monel 400 tape used in our Top 
Tape and Jazz Bass 77 strings brings out their true character over the much less 
costly flattened stainless steel.

Gauge: 12 16 24w 32w 42w 52w
Construction: Flatwound
Wrap material: Wound with premium Monel 400 tape
Tone: Warm
Output: Medium