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Blue Woven, Cryogenically activated for true transparent tone. Solid construction for durable long life. High 
performance with Lifetime Warranty. 
BLUE STEEL CABLES. WHEN COLD IS HOT. Using our unique process, we cryo treat Blue Steel instrument cables with a 
quick blast of liquid nitrogen, changing their molecular structure with marvelous results. We’re talking brighter, 
more alive, transparent tonal quality across the entire range, so you hear every note crisp, clean and clear. 

Blue Steel cables conduct sound with less hum and ancillary noise and no distortion. Try them head-to-head with any 
other cable and you’ll hear the difference right away. Use ‘em with both analog and digital gear for the best sounding 
rig you’ve ever had. Oh, and as a bonus, freezing these babies makes 
them ultra durable, too. In fact, they come with a lifetime warranty. 
Find out more about the BLUE STEEL TREATMENT 
and what it can do for you!

- Length: 6m
- Straight cable