HOHNER Morgane G/C

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Hohner Morgane G/C

The Mystic One
Beautiful melodies float through the air, and the succulent green of the land, the fresh, 
salty air, and the blue skies do the rest: You drift away, enchanted by the beautiful scenery 
and the dreamy tune. Thanks to the power of music, you were lifted out of your seat carried 
off to Cornwall, the realm of King Arthur and his men.
With our beautiful Morgane, named after the powerful enchantress from the King Arthur saga, you 
have the right companion if you wish to explore the world of Gaelic, Breton, and French folk.
With her distinct sound and beautiful design, Morgane is the right choice for advanced 
and professional players.

Wooden body and fingering boardPearloid buttons
The buttons are pearloid to correspond with the rustic look of the body

Special grill design
The grill is designed for a crisp, voluminous sound and carved with 
a beautiful pattern

Number of notes: 	42
Buttons: 		21
Button rows: 		2
Class: 			diatonic
Voices: 		2
Tone colors: 		1
Keys: 			G / C
Standard basses: 	8
Standard bass voices: 	5
Size: 			28.5 x 15.5 cm / 11.2” x 6.1”
Weight: 		3.3 kg
Color: 			nature
Reed plate quality: 	standard
Straps: 		Standard straps
Case: 			Faux leather trunk