HOHNER 1600/2 Erica, AD, HT, red

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Produktnr. 210547

Hohner 1600/2 Erica. AD, HT, red

The Travelling Companion
Music brings people together. Nothing draws us in as much as music, nothing is as universally 
understood as song. Making music together is a pastime many enjoy, and gatherings often turn 
into parties once a song is initiated. With the Erica, we offer an accordion that is small 
enough to be easily carried around, making it perfect for those kinds of situations. 
Be it for some proper old sea shanties at the local pub, a little cumbia session with 
friends, or some campfire romanticism with American folk songs, Erica is the 
right companion.

Wooden body
The sturdy wood construction is covered with celluloid for an elegant look and longevity

Small dimensions
The small dimensions and low weight make the Erica perfect for ‘on the go’ playing

Number of notes: 	42
Buttons: 		21
Button rows: 		2
Class: 			diatonic
Voices: 		2
Tone colors: 		1
Keys: 			A/D
Standard basses: 	8
Standard bass voices: 	5
Size: 			28 x 15 cm / 11” x 5.9”
Weight: 		2.7 kg
Color: 			red
Reed plate quality: 	standard
Straps: 		Standard straps