HOHNER Blues Bender C-major

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Hohner Blues Bender C-Major

The Blues Enthusiast
Blues is one of the most expressive musical genres there is. The artist articulates and melodizes 
their emotions in an incredibly open manner, inviting the listener to enter their world. With the 
Blues Bender, you can tell your story to others and rediscover yourself in music. Start on a journey 
into the world of blues, learn how to bend and create that real blues sound.

Durable plastic comb
Reliable performance under all climate conditions thanks to resilient plastic 

Thicker reed plates
Reed plates of 1.05mm provide a wider dynamic range

Technical details
Reed plates (material, thickness): 	brass, 1.05 mm  
Reed plates (surface):  		brass  
Reeds (number, material):	 	20, brass  
Comb (material, color):  		ABS, black  
Comb (finish):  			ABS  
Mouthpiece (surface): 			ABS  
Cover plates:  				stainless steel  
Keys:  					F, E, D, C, Bb, A, G  
Type:  					diatonic  
Tuning:  				Richter  
Number of holes: 			10  
Tonal range:  				3 octaves  
Length:  				10 cm / 4.1”