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NUX Konsequent

The Konsequent Mini-Delay comes with a back story.

Excellent digital delay is more than a simple repetition of sound. It's a dynamic creation of
consecutive sound, a desired consequence. When great sound engineers mix multiple delay onto 
a guitar recording track, there is an inherent challenge: Increasing the rhythmic complexity 
without losing definition.  

The desired effects can range from trippy to groovy or a blend of both. Konsequent packs an array 
of internal processors that replicate the very sound experienced studio engineers were perfecting 
in the 1980's using expensive rack-mount digital delay systems.  

The Konsequent does it at a fraction of the cost, and with the convenience of a mini-pedal.  
Put simply, NUX’s Konsequent Mini Pedal has re-defined delay !

NUX's Dynamic Digital Processor, specifically designed to reduce annoying interference 
caused by audio peak.
NUX's Analog Processor plus Saturation-simulator offering an abundance of overdrive range.

GROOVE PATTERN ( Dotted 8 ). Multi-Delay Output.
REGULAR PATTERN   ( Simple Delay ). Warm, yet purposefully defined.