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NUX NCH-2 Rivulet

Rivulet Chorus
A crystal clear river  flowing, transparent.  The  Rivulet design concept ! 
Old-school Analog Chorus has always been warm but it was hungry for dynamic completion.  
NUX’s modern-tech DSP yields a perfect combination of both worlds: analog and digital.
To achieve all of the Rivulet Chorus objectives, our engineers had to developed 
an algorithm that mimics the principle of BBD chips--the key component of Analog 
Chorus effect.
Rivulet’s low-frequency oscillation provides the traditional analog chorus tone 
discerning ears have come to expect in a true chorus pedal.  Dynamic tone and noise 
elimination capabilities put Rivulet into a completely separate category from 
cheap analog pedals. Quality-grade BBD chips in large quantity have become 
incredibly rare, so this method isn’t practical for making an affordable 
analog chorus device. Using DSP technology, NUX is able to offer a mini-pedal with 
a contrasting array of chorus tones.  We selected 3 essentials, each with a voice 
that can be upgraded with a quick, user-friendly firmware download. 

Here are NUX’s 3 essential picks: 

The Rivulet comes factory-loaded with NUX’s tribute to the classic “Modern Chorus,” 
the  familiar Yellow pedal with 5 knobs. The original pedal required a whopping 18 volt power 
supply to improve sound clarity and boost dynamics.  The Rivulet out-performs this respected 
beast w/ a mere 9 volts.  We’ve also consolidated the controls by eliminating the bass and 
treble knobs, now internally set at middle position, and we’ve eliminated the need for 
the bass filter altogether, which is now automatically corrected through the advancements 
of DSP sound modeling. 

The first chorus effect pedal arrived on the scene in 1976.  Before that, it was only 
available as a built-in effect on a classic jazz amplifier. Rivulet accurately brings 
back the characteristic of this pedal; that special warmth of a rich jazz atmosphere, 
that immediately recognizable highlight to any musician’s tone. 

The classic original only came w/ Speed and Depth control parameters, just 2 small 
knobs, and yet it was recognized as one of the best chorus effects of the 1980‘s.  
Rivulet’s 3 knob configuration provides the added benefit of a dry/wet signal 
ratio adjustment.

 1. Free Firmware updates.
 2. True-bypass or buffered-bypass selectable.
 3. Performance: Super-low system noise, 96kHz/24bit AD/DA converter, 32 bit floating DSP, 
    zero latency of 
    Analog-Dry-Through design, more than 100dB typical dynamic range
 4. More features: Luminous knobs, Solid and light aluminum die-cast chase, regular 9V pedal power
    with 75mA low current.